The Macro Hour

Navigating The Complexities of Menopause with Esther Blum | Season 2 | Ep. 130

February 16, 2024 Nikkiey Stott Season 2 Episode 130
The Macro Hour
Navigating The Complexities of Menopause with Esther Blum | Season 2 | Ep. 130
Show Notes

In this episode of The Macro Hour podcast, we're deep diving into the complexities of menopause with our esteemed guest, Esther Blum. Esther is an Integrative Dietitian and High-Performance Coach who has been guiding women through the tumultuous waves of menopause with her expert knowledge and compassionate approach. She's not just an author and nutrition authority but also a guiding light for many going through this transition.

We're tearing down the walls of confusion surrounding menopause. Women facing this phase have unique nutritional needs, hormonal balances to maintain, and lifestyle adjustments to consider. From understanding the impact of diet on hormonal health to the importance of strength training and stress management, we're covering it all. Esther shares her insights on how to manage symptoms, embrace the changes, and even thrive during menopause.

Whether you're approaching menopause, in the thick of it, or supporting someone who is, this conversation is a must-hear. Tune in and get the straight talk on navigating menopause with grace and vigor.

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